Ways to Build a digital presence for new products and Services.

We live in a generation where people using smartphones and the internet is easily available. In the developing countries like India, people have unlimited access to the internet providers also few companies will provide free smartphones with internet connectivity.

We will discuss the fundamental principles of marketing and digital marketing in this blog post. The scope of launching products or services through Digital and if we want to start in Country like India How soon we can scale up. What are the channels and mediums we can look at? How can we target the right audience through digital channels? To understand these, let’s follow each topic in detail.

  • What are the fundamentals of Marketing?
  • What are the different types of Marketing?
  • How can we build Brand?
  • How important it is to understand the economics of the country
  • CATT Marketing Funnel
  • Integrated Digital Marketing
  • Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

Let’s understand each topic in detail….

What are the fundamentals of Marketing?

Marketing is showing your product and services to the audience. Marketing is also about showing the right product to the right audience at the right time. Marketing is not only about the reaching the audience and pitching your product, but it is also about building the trust of the customers having those customers continue doing business for a long run, it is also about when your customers need your product or services they need not think of any another other services and product provider. If they remember you in their product where we have gained the trust of the customer, and they will be doing business with us in the long term.

What are the different types of Marketing?

There are different types of Social Media Marketing, Advertisement, Hoarding Ads, Viral marketing, word of mouth. We also need to understand the product and service that we are launching who are the right audience. Where these audiences spent most of their time. If we get to know this we can easily select what kind of marketing should be picked.

Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.

Traditional ways of running marketing were running newspaper ads, Radio ads, Hoarding ads. These ads cannot keep track of how many people have become actual customers after seeing these particular ads.

When it comes to digital marketing, we have all the options like whom to market whether our audience is responding or whether they like the content. How many potential customers we are getting out of these digital marketing campaigns. We will have reports of the performance of the campaigns.

This is one of the reasons Digital marketing is leading in the race with traditional marketing.

How to build a brand?

A great product or services never ask for repeated marketing. If your product is good people will talk about it and they will recommend that to others and this way we will get viral marketing done for the product. So always make sure product quality should never be compromised. Better the product more of the customers.

Marketing is also about building a good image in front of customers and our potential audience. A great product speaks for itself marketing is just a medium to help people to discover your brand. So we should always follow good practices for our product or services.

How important is it to understand basic Economics?

Before Launching product/service we should always have the idea of the economy of the country/state/ region where we are launching the product.

If we have the idea of economics we will be able to understand whether people will be able to buy my services if they actually have that much money to spend on my services. Do they actually need it? If we have these numbers ready we will be able to make the right decisions for our product.

Different countries will have different average age Eg: India the average age of India is 27 years it will take another 20 yrs to shift the average age of the country. It is because in India the population is more and the younger people are more.

If you are planning to launch in India. India has around 20–25 million online shopper. These are the people whose income is more than 5 lacs, they have good access to internet connectivity, access to the credit cards, they have a good lifestyle. So your target audience is these people because they have the capacity of buying.

CATT Marketing Funnel 3

The Formula: Wealth= n^CATT

Personal Branding and why it is important

In the history of marketing, there is one basic logic and mantra Best Known Will Beat The Best. There will be a big list of competitors which one customer are liking with whom they are engaging more. We have to be in that segment and the first and only choice of customers.

Try learning new skills. Breakdown these skills into the topic and try working and implementing these skills. Applying these skills will give you more in-depth knowledge and experience.

Keep writing: when you write blog articles you are showing your skills, people like to see the new content that will help in the engagement also.

Once we have the personal brand build brands will start approaching, and we can help them in reaching their goals through our digital marketing solutions.

We can also reach out to our followers who want to be like us, and we can help them or mentor them on the skills and digital area they want to grow. This mentoring will help us in getting the ambassadors for our product.

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